Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This week has been way great!!

Here´s a few highlights

I went on an intercambio with Hermana Salgado this week and her and I go home at the same time so we had a wayyyyyy good talk about how we´re feeling and what´s going on with our hearts and heads jaja it was way nice to talk to somebody that is feeling like I am! It´s like we know it´s coming in our heads but our hearts won´t accept that we are ever going to stop being missionaries. It makes me really sad to think about. I love what I do! Maybe they´ll let me go home and be a missionary in Spanish Fork or something.

We found out that Elder Rasband is coming to our mission in November so I will still be here yahhhhhoooooooooo!!!!!!! I´m planning on getting his signature or something cool idk

This week we had a really funny ward night. We have them every Friday night and this week we were in charge with the elders! We had different groups and they had to act out fairytales and idk why but these Paraguayans thought it was so dang funny. There was a group of 4 and they had to go up and act out the ugly duckling and they just stood there and laughed so hard they couldn´t even do anything hahahahaha and they were all old so it was way funny! Idk just the little things ya know? 

Yesterday a missionary that just got home told me that I have an accent!!!!!!!!! Whooooohooooo! I have been working so hard on my Spanish still and people laugh because I can´t speak Guarani but my Spanish is getting better jajaja!!! Don´t worry, I can communicate just fine but everybody always says that the gringos have funny accents so when somebody told me that I have a good accent I was way happy!! 

We have transfers in 2 weeks and I can´t believe it. It´s been really fun teaching Hermana Valdez all the stuff about being an hermana leader, she´s really blonde jajaja but it´s been so fun to work with her and have a new best friend/sister in my life! She´s really goofy when she´s tired and by the time we hit Sunday nights we are wayyyy tired. So Sunday nights with her are the best! She just laughs at everything and she thinks that I am so funny so I always feel good with her! And she always says awwwww mannnn jajajajjaja

Thanks for the love and support!

Ponderize: Mosiah 2:22-24 

We are always always always blessed when we keep the commandments and I love this scripture because we really are blessed IMMEDIATELY when we keep the commandments!!!

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

She made us pizza this week and I was FRIED
(the cool thing about sunburns here though is that they don´t hurt at all!!!! Idk why…. maybe the humidity or algo)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Woah this week was crazy!

We are still teaching a way crazy less active member that tells us all her prophesies and can see the future jajaja she´s really interesting but is really confused about religion. She looks in all the wrong places. She like goes to the catholic or evangelist churches to ask questions about the Mormon church....we are trying to help her get a testimony of the restoration....slowly but surely. 

We are also teaching a way cool investigator named Gissell! She´s hard core looking for the truth and it´s so fun to teach her! She´s starting to understand a lot more about baptism and the Book of Mormon and it´s been cool to see her testimony grow little by little! She lives with her boyfriend so we are trying to work on the law of chastity but she understands it and wants to change! We had a way good lesson with her last night and she´s going to read the Book of Mormon and pray and decide what obstacles are in her way and the things that are keeping her from reaching baptism and the eternal family that she wants. She´s 21 and super cool! 

Yesterday we had a way intense lesson with Bruno who got baptized in July and he says that he´s atheist again WHAT. Actually he´s not. He says he is but he has the lamest excuses. But I had a way cool experience, when we passed by his house and he told us that he´s atheist the spirit took over and I was just saying things to him that I wasn´t even trying to say. I was like Bruno, you´re not atheist. I know it and you know it. And we were just quiet and the spirit testified so hard to me that it was the truth. Bruno believes in God, he´s just got some challenges that he needs to overcome! It´s so hard to see people change so much and come closer to Christ and then decide to turn away from it but we´re not going to give up on him!!!

I have held a lot of monkeys this week. People just have them as pets and it´s so funny!!!

We just got the news that we need to start buying pants because we will start wearing them soon hahahahaha nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I´ll do what the Lord wants I guess!

Have a great week!

Ponderize: Jacob 2:21

Hermana Nielsen


Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016

Okay well here´s the thing. Today is a holiday here and everything is closed and the people just told us that they are closing in 30 minutes so aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
I was going to update you all on a million things but if we can´t find another computer then next week will have to do. 

Last sunday we got to go to a fireside for our stake and president and hermana wilson talked and they had us and the zone leaders answer questions with them about missions and it was so fun!! We were just trying to pump up all the youths to go on missions and it was a way good time!

My comp is so so so so so great! She is a dang hard worker and we just run everywhere and it´s so crazy and so fun! 

We had one of our hermanas sick in the hospital this week so we went to help with some things and she has like one week in the mission and her comp doesn´t speak english  and she is from Nevada so we just talked in English and our comps were so confused jajajaja 

Hermana Valdez is trying to learn english so we speak a ton in the house and she always says what and yes to me and we contacted a guy yesterday and she accidentally said what in english to him instead of spanish and I died from laughing

We are doing so good here! I wish I had more time. But we are way happy and talking to everybody we see and sweating to death and just loving every second!!! I´m so happy to be here!! 

Have a great week!

Ponderize 2 Nefi 16:8, 11

Love, Hermana Nielsen!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Okay so this week has been crazy!!!!
But of course, 0 time SO.
Hna Andreasen went home. 
That was like a fork stabbed in my heart and then twisted around. 

BUT Hna Valdez came!! She´s tall and verrrrry dark and from The Dominican Republic and she´s so sassy and thinks I am so blonde and laughs at everything I say and we are crazy together and we have found a lot of miracles this weeks! 

There have been so many changes in everything this week and I was not ready for all of them but I made it through this week and I actually enjoyed it! The whole week was for real so crazy but the whole entire time I felt so much peace. It was so cool. I felt the Savior so close to me the whole time. I always have to rely on the Atonement here but especially this week and every time I kneeled down to pray at night I was just so amazed at how much peace I could feel with so much change. It´s because the Lord loves us and wants us to be so happy! And he will help us even through the most difficult challenges! I realized that I felt so much peace because I looked for it. I looked for the positive and the Lord helped me to see it! It´s incredible what He will do for us if we just ask, he is always always waiting. 

Highlight of the week: Hna Andreasen told me that I have a lot of qualities like the Grinch and I think that´s the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.

Ponderize: 2 Nephi 1:9

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen