Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hi everybody! I am in Paraguay! We got here at about 11 last night (I think Paraguay is 2 hours ahead of you guys). The plane rides were awesome, I will share my experiences later! Our President and his wife picked us up and Hermana Stewart and I slept at the mission home.

We are at the mission office right now filling out forms, having interviews with the president, and having fun with the Elders in the mission office!

I am safe and sound and my Spanish is definitely improving because that is all we speak here....ahhhhh it´s great but I definitely better learn Spanish very quickly! I think we have transfers tomorrow and the rest of today is getting all of our things in order.

I am happy, healthy and ready to get going! I love you all, I will email more next week! :)

Love, Hermana Nielsen

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Final Countdown!

Well we got our flight plans today and I leave for Paraguay in 5 days!!!! We have a layover in Panama and then we'll be in Paraguay! We'll be traveling for about 16 hours #prayforus! I'm really nervous for the airports hahaha but I am super excited to get to Paraguay!! It feels like I am leaving my home again too which is really bittersweet, I can't imagine what it's going to feel like to leave Paraguay after 16 months.

This week I got a little bit discouraged with my Spanish and while I was trying to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish during language study, an Elder in my district was practicing how to say different types of sentences to our district and he looked at me and said "Hermana Nielsen, Heavenly Father wants you to learn Spanish and he will help you." I know that Heavenly Father wanted me to hear that and he sent those words to me through Elder Kidd. So many blessings here, so little time! The CCM is a dream! I know that the field is going to be so much harder but I am so excited!

I am so grateful every day to be a missionary, this is for real the greatest thing ever!! I wish I had enough time to tell you every little detail because it is incredible!

Today we got to eat in the new comedor and it is SO NICE!!! The food is still incredible and my life is the best, I love it! Have a great week and please enjoy Fiesta Days for me!!

Love, Hermana Nielsen

We had to weigh our stuff today..#sad

My comp and I!  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello my friends! The past week has been such a blur. I can't believe that I have been here for a month!! That makes me so sad! Time is going by way too fast! We are learning so much about the gospel and my testimony is strengthening so much! Sunday's are my favorite! We have lots of meetings but they are so powerful and we get so spiritually fed! We have to write a 5 minute talk each week in straight spanish and then the  branch president calls 2 or 3 people at a time to speak so you don't know who is going to speak until right before, it's awesome! I haven't spoken yet but I am excited to! We also had a really cool devotional by Elder Holland and he talked about being a missionary right now in the last dispensation and it was a huge slap in the face! Every prophet and missionary and righteous human being since Adam have known that their dispensation would end and that eventually the truth would be gone from the earth again but they still kept on going and working hard and doing everything in their power to spread the gospel but WE ARE THE LAST DISPENSATION. THE TRUTH WILL NEVER LEAVE THE EARTH AGAIN! If Moroni and Alma and Nephi and every great prophet and apostle and missionary before Joseph Smith had reason to keep going and working hard then we have like 10 million times more reason to keep going! We are living in the 2nd coming, Elder Holland said that people always ask him when the 2nd coming will be and he always says that it started in the spring of 1820 when Joseph Smith prayed. What a time to be alive! I've never felt a more burning desire to just yell the gospel to people in a kind, loving missionary way! I am so grateful and humbled that Heavenly Father trusts us to do this work. Thank you for all of the emails, I love and appreciate them so much! Have a fantastic week!

Love, Hermana Nielsen :)

My district just tried to recreate the Dan Jones pic in PMG...it was the best we could do!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 3!!!

WHAT A WEEK!!!!! It feels like I have been here for my whole life but at the same time it feels like I got here yesterday!! Time is so weird here.

My district is AWESOME!!! There's 8 of us and I love them all so much! We laugh so hard every day and have so much fun but I've never met harder working 18-20 year olds! My companion is Hermana Stewart, she's from Kaysville! We get along great and she is going to Paraguay as well as two other elders in our district!!

I thought that I was going to be homesick over the 4th of July but everybody here made it seem as close to home as possible! All of the Americans wore red, white and blue and the boys in my district stood up at lunch with an American flag and started singing the National Anthem so everybody else stood up and joined in, it was fantastic!! And at lunch they fed us hamburgers, curly fries, ice cream and apple pie!!!!! I felt like I was still in the USA!!

Today we got to go to the Mexico City temple!!! It is closed right now for renovations but we went to the visitor’s center and got to walk around the grounds. It is so beautiful!!! You can immediately tell when you are passing a church building in the city because it goes from craziness all around to well kept, clean, peaceful grounds. The church really sticks out here in Mexico! We haven't been able to leave the grounds of the CCM until today so seeing the outside world was crazy!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED TO GET TO PARAGUAY AND RUN AROUND EVERYWHERE SPEAKING BROKEN SPANISH AND TELLING EVERYBODY THAT JESUS CHRIST LIVES TODAY AND THAT HE WILL COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the best thing in the whole entire world!! I would give up anything to have this knowledge because there is literally nothing greater!! This is the best thing ever!!!

Have a fantastic week and remember the Savior in everything you do. 

Love, Hermana Nielsen

My district!! Elders: Keller, Kidd, Holm and Steenblik
Hermanas: Me, Stewart, Young, Callister

Today at the Visitors Center!
I'm trying to be more like Joseph Smith :)