Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 3!!!

WHAT A WEEK!!!!! It feels like I have been here for my whole life but at the same time it feels like I got here yesterday!! Time is so weird here.

My district is AWESOME!!! There's 8 of us and I love them all so much! We laugh so hard every day and have so much fun but I've never met harder working 18-20 year olds! My companion is Hermana Stewart, she's from Kaysville! We get along great and she is going to Paraguay as well as two other elders in our district!!

I thought that I was going to be homesick over the 4th of July but everybody here made it seem as close to home as possible! All of the Americans wore red, white and blue and the boys in my district stood up at lunch with an American flag and started singing the National Anthem so everybody else stood up and joined in, it was fantastic!! And at lunch they fed us hamburgers, curly fries, ice cream and apple pie!!!!! I felt like I was still in the USA!!

Today we got to go to the Mexico City temple!!! It is closed right now for renovations but we went to the visitor’s center and got to walk around the grounds. It is so beautiful!!! You can immediately tell when you are passing a church building in the city because it goes from craziness all around to well kept, clean, peaceful grounds. The church really sticks out here in Mexico! We haven't been able to leave the grounds of the CCM until today so seeing the outside world was crazy!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED TO GET TO PARAGUAY AND RUN AROUND EVERYWHERE SPEAKING BROKEN SPANISH AND TELLING EVERYBODY THAT JESUS CHRIST LIVES TODAY AND THAT HE WILL COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the best thing in the whole entire world!! I would give up anything to have this knowledge because there is literally nothing greater!! This is the best thing ever!!!

Have a fantastic week and remember the Savior in everything you do. 

Love, Hermana Nielsen

My district!! Elders: Keller, Kidd, Holm and Steenblik
Hermanas: Me, Stewart, Young, Callister

Today at the Visitors Center!
I'm trying to be more like Joseph Smith :)

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