Monday, May 30, 2016

No se jajaja

I'm so sorry but time is short today so my emails will be lame sauce :(

Wow, I feel really overwhelmed with love today! Everybody that emailed me today has really helped me and said exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks you guys! This week has been crazy and a little rough. Two of the recent converts that have been doing so good both  had problems with drugs and alcohol this week....I've just been a little stressed and worried about them. God is teaching me a lot of patience right now hahaha. But luckily it's Monday and we are starting a new week with a district activity :)

So there's a member here named Wanilda and she's from Brazil, she went this week to see her family and brought us back a food that I had been dreading! In Brazil they take a cow's hoof and take everything out of it like the veins and stuff and they cook it and make something sweet with it. She brought it back and I was like no. There's no way I'm gonna try that. But I tried it and it was so good hahahahahaha we're always eating random weird things here. I'll try and take a pic of it this week!

There's not a lot going on this week. We're just searching all of San Lorenzo for new investigators and surviving the cold and loving every moment of being a missionary! Hna Andreasen and I are having lots of fun together and doing lots of divisions with Hermanas and laughing at all of the dumb stuff that happens. I say it every week but I really really love being a missionary and I appreciate so much the love and support I receive from home! Keep praying for the people here and the missionaries around the world, it's much appreciated :)

Have a great week!

Ponderize: Alma 48:17

Con AMOR, Hermana Nielsen

Our Zone and me accidentally punching my companion


Monday, May 23, 2016


This week I don´t have a whole lot of interesting things to tell you..........We had a Zone Conference this week and Hna Andreasen and I taught, it was way fun! It´s always a good time trying to speak Spanish to other missionaries under pressure jajaja

One of the biggest miracles of all miracles happened this week!!!!!! We started teaching an investigator named Edith like 3 weeks ago. Her husband is a member but hasn´t gone to church in a long time but his side of the family are members and way active. So Edith and her husband Neco moved in the apartment beneath us so we have been able to teach them a lot! They have two little daughters Belen and Martina and they are so cute! It´s really fun teaching them! Edith and her husband speak English too so we just have a spanglish party every time we go jajaja but Edith loves the church and has been progressing a ton! Their family finally came to church together yesterday and sat with us and it was so incredible! She wants to get baptized and she actually reads the Book of Mormon and keeps her committments, it´s incredible! It´s really fun teaching them and watching their family progress and grow together! 

Luis (that got baptized 3 weeks ago) is doing pretty good, but he hasn´t come to church the last 2 Sunday´s and we´re pretty sure it´s because he´s scared to get the priesthood. He´s really great and he´s trying really hard so if yáll could pray for him that would be really great because we need to #KickSatanInTheButt

The weather has been cold, it´s really weird. I never thought I´d be cold in Paraguay but here I am wearing layers every day. 

And idk if we can wear pants yet because that would be crazy jajaja I hope so! The Elders have to wear long sleeves right now and the Hermanas if we have them because Dengue has been a huge problem here and a lot of missionaries are in there houses sick for like 2 weeks if they get it. Hermana Ovejero got it when we were together and Hna Andreasen had it a couple of months ago. But I have been #blessed 

But other than that, we´re doin good down here in Paraguay! Have a great week friends!

Ponderize: Alma 37:37

Con amor, Hermana Nielsen 

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Mission Life is the Life for Me

Well the song "Forever Young" is playing in our Cyber right now and it's describing how I feel right now hahaha I want to be forever young aka 19 years old so I can be a missionary foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr because I am so happy!!! 

This week was a little crazy, we didn't have a lot of time to work because strep throat, interviews with President, traveling, and just crazy. But when we did get to work it was so great! I used to be stressed about having high numbers every week when our district leader called us but I stopped worrying about that and I worry a lot more about people and it's literally changed my whole mission, I enjoy it so. much. more.

We had to drop a few of our investigators this week and that is always way sad :( We dropped a girl named Viviana this week...actually her Catholic Gma dropped us jajaja she doesn't like the Mormons so that was sad. Then we dropped another investigator Marcelo that was seriously so close to being baptized, he came to church a couple times and was really progressing but he got offended by our mission rules and that we can't visit men alone without another woman and now he wants nothing to do with the church....both way sad but I am not discouraged! My perspective this week has been really changed! We have to drop people sometimes but there are always more waiting for us, and so so many miracles :) :) 

I had a really cool experience this week, we did divisions with some of our Hermanas and one of them was a local missionary from my second area. I was with her for the day and at night she really opened up to me and talked to me about how she was deciding whether she should go on a mission or not. I told her to really talk to the Lord about it but I also obviously told her how incredible the mission is and that if she can she should! We talked a lot and then I didn't really think a lot about it after. But I saw her this week at an activity here for the youth and she told me that she is starting her papers now!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her! Idk, she just feels like a sister to me and her family really took care of me and it's just small things like that that bring the biggest joys here!

I've just been so happy this week! I feel so good having the spirit and being able to have such a clear vision about who I am and my purpose in life. In my interview with my President this week he talked to me about using the mission to receive as much personal revelation as I could. He told me the mission is like the temple and it's the best place to receive revelation about things right now and my life after the mission. It seems so far away but I know that it's coming and I used this week to think a lot about what I want to do and who I want to be. Not in a trunky "I want to come home" way but to really receive guidance and it has been such an incredible week for me!

I love being a missionary and I love having the spirit with me so much all the time! I always feel good! So do what you can every day to have the Spirit with you!

Ponderize: Alma 30:44

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Just gonna send pics

What a great week! Thanks for everything! I love everybody reading this email jajaja!!

District Activity!!!


Monday, May 2, 2016

What a Life.

This week was so good! 
First of all, LUIS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!
Whoooo! We visited him the night before his baptism and he was like "I just want to follow Christ, that's why I'm getting baptized" And we were like well then, you are on the right path!!! His baptism was so humble. He has really changed and just has sincere desires to follow Christ, it's so cool to see people change!!!!!!

As you can see by our clothes, it has been way cold this week! Okay, only like 50 degrees but I have worn like 3 jackets every day jajaja and tights and scarves and everything because it's only be 100 degrees since I got here! I don't want to know what Utah is going to do to me during the winter. #NeverComingHome 

This week I also lost our cellphone jajaja I put it in my pocket and like 2 blocks later I realized it was gone so we went back and looked but it was already gone. But this random man was helping us look for it and then we left and passed him later that night and he asked if we wanted his number and I was like ummmmm we're missionaries.....and he was like "so, do you want my number or no?" Hahahaha I was like "we'll send some elders your way" jajajajaj. Good times, good times.

We're just real pumped about life down here in South America. The people here are so great, they all really love Christ and I love that about the culture. They just lack desires to act on their faith/beliefs but there are always the golden ones waiting for us like Luis and we're gonna find them!!!!

Also we're going to the temple tomorrow and celebrating 5 de Mayo this week and Skyping our families so I'm on could 9!!!!!!!! 

I hope your week is as good as mine! 
Ponderize: Alma 4:13-14 Latter Day SAINTS!

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen!

Us with Luis and his family that aren't members that came!!!

Us with Nestor who is the coolest homie ever that baptized/confirmed Luis!

Intercambios/sleepover in our apartment with the other Hnas in San Lorenzo!