Monday, May 2, 2016

What a Life.

This week was so good! 
First of all, LUIS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!
Whoooo! We visited him the night before his baptism and he was like "I just want to follow Christ, that's why I'm getting baptized" And we were like well then, you are on the right path!!! His baptism was so humble. He has really changed and just has sincere desires to follow Christ, it's so cool to see people change!!!!!!

As you can see by our clothes, it has been way cold this week! Okay, only like 50 degrees but I have worn like 3 jackets every day jajaja and tights and scarves and everything because it's only be 100 degrees since I got here! I don't want to know what Utah is going to do to me during the winter. #NeverComingHome 

This week I also lost our cellphone jajaja I put it in my pocket and like 2 blocks later I realized it was gone so we went back and looked but it was already gone. But this random man was helping us look for it and then we left and passed him later that night and he asked if we wanted his number and I was like ummmmm we're missionaries.....and he was like "so, do you want my number or no?" Hahahaha I was like "we'll send some elders your way" jajajajaj. Good times, good times.

We're just real pumped about life down here in South America. The people here are so great, they all really love Christ and I love that about the culture. They just lack desires to act on their faith/beliefs but there are always the golden ones waiting for us like Luis and we're gonna find them!!!!

Also we're going to the temple tomorrow and celebrating 5 de Mayo this week and Skyping our families so I'm on could 9!!!!!!!! 

I hope your week is as good as mine! 
Ponderize: Alma 4:13-14 Latter Day SAINTS!

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen!

Us with Luis and his family that aren't members that came!!!

Us with Nestor who is the coolest homie ever that baptized/confirmed Luis!

Intercambios/sleepover in our apartment with the other Hnas in San Lorenzo!

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