Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This week has been way great!!

Here´s a few highlights

I went on an intercambio with Hermana Salgado this week and her and I go home at the same time so we had a wayyyyyy good talk about how we´re feeling and what´s going on with our hearts and heads jaja it was way nice to talk to somebody that is feeling like I am! It´s like we know it´s coming in our heads but our hearts won´t accept that we are ever going to stop being missionaries. It makes me really sad to think about. I love what I do! Maybe they´ll let me go home and be a missionary in Spanish Fork or something.

We found out that Elder Rasband is coming to our mission in November so I will still be here yahhhhhoooooooooo!!!!!!! I´m planning on getting his signature or something cool idk

This week we had a really funny ward night. We have them every Friday night and this week we were in charge with the elders! We had different groups and they had to act out fairytales and idk why but these Paraguayans thought it was so dang funny. There was a group of 4 and they had to go up and act out the ugly duckling and they just stood there and laughed so hard they couldn´t even do anything hahahahaha and they were all old so it was way funny! Idk just the little things ya know? 

Yesterday a missionary that just got home told me that I have an accent!!!!!!!!! Whooooohooooo! I have been working so hard on my Spanish still and people laugh because I can´t speak Guarani but my Spanish is getting better jajaja!!! Don´t worry, I can communicate just fine but everybody always says that the gringos have funny accents so when somebody told me that I have a good accent I was way happy!! 

We have transfers in 2 weeks and I can´t believe it. It´s been really fun teaching Hermana Valdez all the stuff about being an hermana leader, she´s really blonde jajaja but it´s been so fun to work with her and have a new best friend/sister in my life! She´s really goofy when she´s tired and by the time we hit Sunday nights we are wayyyy tired. So Sunday nights with her are the best! She just laughs at everything and she thinks that I am so funny so I always feel good with her! And she always says awwwww mannnn jajajajjaja

Thanks for the love and support!

Ponderize: Mosiah 2:22-24 

We are always always always blessed when we keep the commandments and I love this scripture because we really are blessed IMMEDIATELY when we keep the commandments!!!

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

She made us pizza this week and I was FRIED
(the cool thing about sunburns here though is that they don´t hurt at all!!!! Idk why…. maybe the humidity or algo)

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