Thursday, June 18, 2015

I am here!!

Today Hermana Nielsen left for Paraguay via the Mexico MTC.  We are so proud of her and will miss her deeply.  God Bess You Sadizzzle!!!

 I am here!!

I made it safely!! I am very tired but so happy! The plane ride went by really fast because I had a lot on my mind and the guy next to me about fell asleep on my shoulder! When we got to the airport there was a mission president and some missionaries there because an elder that came from Salt Lake with us has a brother serving in Mexico City so they got to see each other! We stayed with them until our ride came and then we drove through Mexico City which is CRAZY on a bus that was stick shift and the homie driving was crazy!! But it was fun...and I fell asleep. When we got off the bus and walked into the building there were people there to greet us. I started crying because I am just so happy! I am living my dream!! We just received all of our information about the CCM and got our name tags :) I am typing on a Spanish keyboard right now so this email is kind of difficult hahahaha I love you guys! I am safe and happy and healthy! Don´t worry about me...they give us lots of clean water and we are about to eat dinner. My preparation day is on Tuesday so I will be emailing again then! 
I love you! 

Love, Hermana Nielsen

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