Monday, September 21, 2015

Miracle Baptism!!

Heyyyyyy everybody!!! 
Guessssss whaaaatttttt!!!!



Ahhhhh man it was such a great week. Inocencio is a new person!! He and his wife are soooo much happier now that they are married and he just looks like a new person!!! It's so incredible to see the miracle of the Atonement working in people! We went to the church on Saturday night and had to put some buckets of water in the font because it was kind of low...and fish out some cockroaches but other than that it was super great! There were some ward members there to support and the best part is just that Ino is so so happy. I can´t tell you how incredible this is to experience, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

Everything has been super great this transfer in Redùcto, Hermana Porter and I are still going strong! She´s seriously the greatest. We are so much alike and we get along so so well.

Have you all started to think about General Conference? Something that I´m doing right now is praying every day to be spiritually prepared to find answers to 2 questions that I chose last week. I think that´s really going to help me be ready to hear and learn what the Lord wants me to! You all better be pumped for it because I am looking forward to this more than I have ever looked forward to Christmas!!!! We get to watch it in our ward building and if we get lucky, we can watch it in English!!! Yessssss!!! 

Love you all, Hermana Nielsen

Ìno´s baptism!!

We had a Zone Training this week!! 
My Zone is also our district so we see each other every week, 
I love it!!!

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