Monday, September 28, 2015


Okay, this week we had interviews with President Wilson and he is seriously so incredible!! He doesn't have to say anything and you can feel his deep love for the Savior and his desire to serve the Lord without recognition from the world. My president is so great. And I could understand him this time and while Hna Porter was in her interview I chatted with his wife and I could understand her and she could understand me! Yay!!!! A lot of progress has happened in the last 9 weeks!!!

Yesterday was Hermana Porter's birthday!! It was super fun! Everybody here is obsessed with making birthday's huge so the family we ate with yesterday gave us a feast and cake and it was all super fun!! I will send pics next week, we are having struggles with the computer today. I also gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday for 10 minutes IN SPANISH!!!! It ended up being super fun and the Lord definitely helped me. I told them at the beginning that I could talk in Guarani or English if they couldn't understand my Spanish and they all loooooved that so I am earning the love of the members hahaha they are like kids in a candy shop when missionaries can speak Guarani so I am buying a Spanish to Guarani dictionary today. #blessed

David and Ino are doing so great! David's whole family is inactive but he lives with his grandparents and they have started coming to church since his baptism, it's so so great!!!
And Ino is so faithful and is just eating up the gospel! They come every week and they always have questions waiting for us when we teach them, it's awesome! They are the real deal!!

I am so sad to hear of the death of Richard G. Scott. I can't believe that 3 apostles have passed away so quickly. Conference is going to be so fun this week! I have literally had a count down for a month now hahaha! We can either watch in English, Spanish or Guarani...I bet you can't guess which I'll be watching!

Hermana Porter and I have decided who we think the new apostles will be. We circled their pictures in our Ensign so I'll let you know next week if we are right.

Love you all! Romans8:35-39

Love, Hermana Nielsen

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