Monday, November 30, 2015


Hiiiiiii!!! Okay, first of all, I forgot to tell you all to go look up the Mormon Message "In the Spirit of Thanksgiving". Please pretend like it's still Thanksgiving and go watch it, it's sooo funny!!!!

This week was so great! Raul and Johana got married on Saturday night in the church and it was a FIESTA!!!! The ward members helped us so much and we seriously had so much fun!

But I'm lame and forgot my camera cord so I'll send pics next week! Raul got baptized yesterday morning before church and he is so so so happy! We are seriously just loving every minute of being missionaries!

Thanksgiving was good but so weird to not be home! I don't like holidays away from my family!! But I cooked us chicken, mashed potatoes (Thanks Betty Crocker and the expensive American section in the grocery store), rice with corn, and cooked carrots!!! Also we found Heinz BBQ Sauce and now my companion thinks I’m a good cook so life is good down here in South America! We also heard our neighbor playing Footloose this morning so I'm very content with life!

Have an amazing week!!!

Ponderize: Matthew 18:20

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