Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

What a week!! I forgot to tell you guys last week that we would be having transfers....I left Reducto!!! I had a feeling that I was going to but we got the call on Tuesday so we spent all of Tuesday night packing and getting ready to go to the terminal. We got there at 6 on Wednesday morning and I found out who my new companion is.........HERMANA AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's from Springville and she was my Hermana Leader before and we already love each other so so much! It's been such a crazy week!!! We were going crazy in the terminal when we found out we were companions! She's going home after this transfer and it's so weird to think that she'll be able to eat good Mexican food and walk on carpet in 5 weeks!

Our area is Ypacaraí and it's sooooo cool!!!! It is so huge and we just have the mountains all over in our area! We went to part of our area the other day and it was an hour and a half walk....we were literally hiking up into the mountains hahahahaha I love it so much here!

Here's a fun story of the week:

There was a HUGE rainstorm on Thursday night and the next day nobody had power or water but then we got power back on Friday night but we haven't had water since we walked a mile yesterday to a member's house to take a shower using water from their well. We had a couple buckets of water and a cup :)

Then there's this thing called the Virgin of Caacupe...Caacupe is a city right by us and people come from all over to celebrate the Virgin Mary...there's a lot of fanatics and drunks a crazy people so the missionaries that are in Caacupe have to leave every year and go to other areas but this year, since we are close, we have to stay in our house all day today and allllll day tomorrow.......we are going to have some goooood times!!!! I'm just really pumped about everything that is happening in my life right now!!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my ponderize for the week: Ether 12:6 #Faith

Love, Hermana Nielsen! 

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