Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Okay, wow! What a semana. What a life.

We had a super busy week and it was so fun and flew by and ahhhhh but the good news is that Hna Andreasen and I are staying together for another transfer!!!! Our district leader called us this morning and told us we are staying together!!! It is Hna. Andreasens last transfer before she goes home #blessed

Sooooooo on Thursday we got permission to go to a hospital out of our area to visit a member that has cancer and that was super random and fun and weird jajaja but she was happy that we could visit her and she´s the only member in her family so hopefully it helps her family because they are way hard core Catholics.

On Friday I hit my year mark in the mission and that was a weird feeling, it feels good though because I´m at the point where I feel like I know what´s going on and how to handle situations and work my way around and I love it so much! We celebrated (not really) by going to Yaguarón because some of our Hnas were having some way bad problems so we had to go help them jajaja we got back at like 7 that night and our bff member Rita called us and surprised us with pizza! Tender mercy..

Edith got baptized :) :) :)

She has a fear of water and doesn´t know how to swim so she was struggling when she got in the font but then she did it and after she shared her testimony with everybody and it was so powerful. She knows that the church is true and she is already counting down the days when she can go to the temple with her family! Sunday she got confirmed and it was all so spirtual! She has been progressing so much and so so fast and we are so happy for her! She has been so prepared, all we just needed to do was find her. 

My birthday was good, I´m sad that I´m not a teenager anymore jajaja but I still act like one so that´s okay!! We had lunch with the Familia Cabrera and they were so nice and sang to me and then another member Wanilda called us and she made me a cake and it was huge so we took it to the baptism and shared with everybody! After all of the baptism madness another member Pablo called me into the secretary room and showed me the video of all of my fam saying happy bday to me ahhhhhh that was the cherry on top of the cake! It was such a good day, mostly because of Edith but i felt a lot of love from a lot of people!

It´s so fun and so cool to see people progress and grow on the mission, including myself. I am so happy for the new challenges and experiences every day, it´s so hard sometimes but so much fun too and I´ve never felt more like I´m where I should be.

Have the best week and enjoy summmmmmer because it´s cold here jajaja!!

Ponderize: D&C 50:16

Con amor, Hermana Nielsen 

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