Monday, June 13, 2016



Here´s a lil update on Paraguay:

It´s still cold. Somebody told us that yesterday and Saturday were like 2 degrees. (celcius of course) And it was just so dang cold! But luckily we are allowed to study at night now because once the sun goes down it is freezing and NOBODY is outside. Unless they are drunk men watching a partido. 

There´s always some type of fruit growing here and right now we are in the season of oranges, mandarine oranges, pomegranite, grapefruit and bananas whooo! We can just pick all of these fruits off the trees while we´re walking everyday and everybody loves to make us fruit juice and  it´s the best ever! It makes me not want to ever leave here. 

So Edith is getting baptized this Saturady! whoooooo!!!! We are so excited for her. Yesterday she came to church with her two little girls and while we were in the Gospel Principles class she bore her testimony and told us that she knows that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that what we teach her is true because she always feels the spirit and feels so good! We were learning about gifts of the spirit and one of the gifts is to believe in others testimonies. She talked about how she has that gift right now and the spirit is helping her believe in what we teach her and ahhhhhh it was so cool! It has been so incredible to see so much light come into her life! She´s already got some metas to go to the temple and be sealed to her family in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so grateful to be here right now doing what I am doing!

Our mission president started a new goal this week of talking to at least 20 new people a day about the gospel and it has been so fun! Hna Andreasen and I have already had some goals to talk to everybody but now we are really pushing ourselves and it´s so crazy how many people we talk to and what happens in every conversation. I love talking about the gospel in Spanish so much! 

Keep doing what you´re doing (unless it´s bad jajajja) and finding ways to share the gospel with those around you! 

Ponderize: Heleman 8:15

Con amor, Hermana Nielsen 

My Best Friend Rita
Rita tried to take a pic of me and this was when I realized it was in front of a Catholic church jajajaja

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