Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Woahhhh this week flew by. Also it´s June and I never thought this month would come. Also I am SO TIRED. And cold. Who would have thought it´d be cold in Paraguay? But I am SO HAPPY too!

Anyways, this week was a little cray cray. We just did the normal traveling to different areas to do divisions and studies with Hermanas and it´s always way fun but it makes the weeks go by faster and I h8 that. 

So on Thursday we went to Yaguarón to do divisions with some hermanas and as we were walking up the street to their house two of them were walking out and two others came out running (four of them live together). They were all just talking and freaking out and saying that they had to pay the light bill because somebody was coming to fix the lights and a bunch of random stuff and so I just went in the house and ate some breakfast because I was confused jajajaja when they came back it was 9 so we had to start all of our studies an hour late and do 3 hours of weekly planning together and eat lunch and so by the time Hermana Andreasen was going to leave with one of the Hermanas it was going to be like 3 and it takes an hour to get back to our area so they weren´t going to have a lot of time to work together and do what they needed to do, so we decided to stay....mistake #1. We just did divisions with them both in their area and we were just going to leave at 7 and come back next week, right? Wrong.

Hna Andreasen and I went and got all of our stuff and waited an hour for a bus to take us home and noooooothinggggg. We called the Hnas and asked if another one would come because they usually pass like every 10 mintues and ALL 4 OF THEM FORGOT TO TELL US THAT THEY STOP COMING AT 6. HOW DO 4 MISSIONARIES FORGET THAT. So we had to sleep there. And I will just tell you it was like camping and it was cold and uncomfortable and so much funn too!! We had 6 hermanas having a sleepover so it was actually way fun and I think we all needed it!

This week has been so good. We have been making so many goals and trying so hard to reach them and this week we saw a lot of success and we gave out SO MANY Books of Mormon! I love love love doing that! And just being able to walk up to anybody on the street and talk to them, it´s so much fun! And I love my area so much. It´s one of those areas in the mission that has a bad reputation for success and stuff but I seriously love it so much. The members here are great and the people and I have still grown and learned so so much!

Ponderize¨Heleman 3:34-35

Con amor, Hermana Nielsen

We can wear jeans!!! Jajaja jk. It was our district activity.
Edith´s daughters that are the cutest ever!

San Lorenzo!!

Sleepover fun :)))

The ward threw a 15 for a member who´s family literally has nothing. Somebody gave her the dress to wear and the women helped her do her hair and makeup and it was so much fun!! Yay for Latinos that have the best birthday parties!!

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