Monday, July 11, 2016

Crazy Days

This week was so crazy, I don´t even know what to write! Time just flew by so fast.

We are only in charge of 4 companionships of Hermanas now because there aren´t very many Hermanas in our mission and we saw all 4 companionships this week. So. Much. Traveling. Some days it´s a little rough because by Saturday we are dead tired because we get up earlier and ride in buses for a few hours but we just try our best to be way positive with the Hermanas and help them keep the vision of the mission!

Something that I´ve really learned is that the Lord qualifies who he calls. Like there´s no way I´ve been able to do what we do without his help. Getting over the tiredness is fine but helping the Hermanas is where I´ve really seen the Lord´s hand. Sometimes we´ll be trying to solve a problem or teach the Hermanas something and I feel the Spirit just take over and I am able to help them or give them advice and my Spanish comes out so much smoother. It´s seriously just the coolest thing.

We don´t really have any idea what we are going into when we go on divisions with them or do studies and the spirit´s just like "Hey, no worries I know Spanish and the gospel perfectly and what this hermana/investigator/member/companion needs and I'll help you." Seriously guys, the best thing ever. 

On Saturday we found Luis who got baptized in May. He's been really struggling. He lives here and works and his wife and kids live in Buenos Aires. He went to visit them for like 2 weeks and he came back and told us that he's getting divorced :( He just looked so sad and discouraged. That was hard, I just felt so much compassion for him and we were able to talk a lot about the Atonement with him. 

Edith is doing so good! She always has questions about the Book of Mormon! Her last question was about Nefi and his brothers and why they fight and she read and read and read to found out why hahahaha she reads every single day with her daughters and she loves the Book of Mormon so much! She is so converted and she loves learning about the Restoration! I haven’t seen a conversion like hers and it's the most humbling, happiest thing to be a part of!

Bruno is doing good! He's just a 21 year old punk that loves the gospel hahahaha he was going to get the Priesthood yesterday but was sick so next week we'll get 'em jaja But he's just way smart and loves to learn the gospel so in depth! We taught him about The Plan of Salvation again after his baptism a little more profoundly (I can't remember if that's a word HAHAHA sorry) and he was like "um the Elders didn't teach me this" he was just soaking it all up, it was so great!

This morning we had to go to Asuncion to the mission office because Hermana Andreasen had her final interview with President Wilson :( idk what I'm going to do without her, we've had so much time together and it's so weird thinking that I'll have a new comp! I hope she's Latina. But we've still got a good 3 weeks together so we're just living it up like crazy!

I got to talk to President Wilson for a few minutes about some things and he just shows us always how great the work is, I love him so much! Probably I'm going to move to Uruguay to be his neighbor.

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh also we had the best 4th of July ever! We went allllllllll the way to the temple and they were like, "we don't need you." What.

So we took a pic outside and then we got permission to eat at domino's and we felt so American jajaja it was a way good day! I just love my area so much and the mission and I am so happy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to extend for the rest of my life. 

Have a great week!!!

Ponderize: 2 Nefi 2:6-8

Love, Hermana Nielsen 

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