Monday, July 4, 2016

Let Freedom Ring

Hey! This week has been so great! It flew by and I think it´s because we are a fulllll with cosas and we´re so busy but seriously it´s so much fun!!! So many Catholics so little time. Miracles. Keeping the long sleeves rule is the hardest thing of my life. It´s starting to warm up again. Crazy hermanas. All of the good mission things ya know?

So this weeeeeekkkkkk.....BRUNO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!

Whoooo!!! And confirmed yesterday!!!!! He was so so so so so happy! What the heck I can´t believe that he was athiest. I don´t think that´s real, I think people just say that because they´re too lazy to go to any church BUT Bruno has progressed and he was just beaming at his baptism!!! He´s so happy! We´re trying to keep him way pumped and happy. He lives with his older sister and she HATES the church. She´s way Catholic. But she let him get baptized without kicking him out so we are so excited! It´s seriously so amazing to see people go through the conversion process! 

We had some crazy "taking care of business" intercambios n' stuff this week and those always make the days go by fast. Just don't ever forget that OBEDIENCIA ES EL PRIMER LEY DEBAJO DEL CIELO. I live by that. I am crazy. 

I think I'm writing kind of crazy today because we are going to clean the temple right after this and I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I'll let you know how it goes next week jajaja

We had a way cool Zone Conference this week at the mission office and those are always so fun because we get to see so many missionaries and I get to see all of my Latino bff's that I won't get to see after the time is getting shorter and shorter so I really appreciate the times I get to see all of the people I love so much. I LOVE THE MISSION!!!!!

I also got to see my daughter aka trainee Hermana Ovejero and she already has 6 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!!! WHAT?!?!?!?! Time flew by. She started with me and she has grown so much! It was so incredible to see her! I missed her so much, she really is like my child. She is doing so good and so happy and I love her so much and I am going to Argentina after my mission to visit her sí o sí. 

There´s a guy sitting next to my comp and I playing the guitar right now and singing jajajajaja hahahaha dying

So today´s the 4th of July! What! I remember my last one in the mission, it's seriously such a good day to reflect on what we have. I am so lucky to be able to preach the gospel in a country without having to worry about going to jail or anything like that. I can just go up to anybody and talk to them about Christ and that is such a privilege. Really it's a miracle. I've never felt more blessed or lucky to have been born into the church in a country that let me worship freely and how I want. We are so so so so so so so lucky.

So tonight while you're all watching the fireworks, just remember how blessed we are! 

That's about it for the week! Just keep praying for the missionaries and then acting on your prayers and helping us spread the gospel with anybody and everybody. Everybody needs it. 

Love you all!!
Nos vemos!
Hermana Nielsen 

Intercambios! The Hermana next to my comp was Ella's comp for a week in Chicago because she was a local missionary!!

Hermana Ovejerito and I! Apparently I didn't teach her how to smile.
 PONDERIZE 3 Nephi 22:8

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