Monday, July 18, 2016


I swear that our weeks here in San Lorenzo just keep getting crazier.

Hahahahaha funny story. A random inactive member came to church last Sunday so this week we went and found her house so we could help her ya know? And I guess the members here call her Juana the prophet because she always sees things and they come true or something I don't know. But she's wayyyyy confused about religion and gets the church way mixed up with the Catholic church. But we went to visit her and she asked if we wanted and snack and we were like sure......she brought us out a WHOLE CUP OF BLACK HONEY. We died. She put some peanuts on top but the rest was just straight honey. We ate as much as we could and I swear I was going to die. I thought of my mom because she hates honey and I don't think she'd expect me to drink all of it so I didn't jajajajja but when we left we realized that it turned our teeth black so we had to go home and brush our teeth hahahahaha it was such a weird experience!!

We found such a miracle this week! We found a part of our area that we have never worked was so weird that we had never been in it, I think it's because we don't know any members that live there. But we just contacted a ton for hours this week and we've been finding so many people!!! It's so much fun! Our week has been so so so busy, we've had so much going on this transfer but we have seen so many miracles. Our recent converts are struggling. We work with the ones that have been baptized in the last 2 years and there are so many that are inactive now :( BUT Bruno and Edith are doing SO GOOD!!!!! We taught Edith in English this week and it was SO WEIRD!!! I tried to talk about prophets and it was so bad but so much fun! And she was like "hermana put your foot up" and she just gave me a solid foot massage so that was GR8!!!

It's still way cold here and our shower is broken so I cry every time I have to use cold water but we good. Our trials will be but a small moment, right? 

We are working a ton with all of our hermanas and it's really cool to watch them learn and grow so much as the transfers go on! I feel like their mom. Or aunt. All of the people here call us "tia" (aunt) idk why but all of the moms tell their kids that we are their tias and I feel like that with our Hermanas! The Lord is giving us strength physically and spiritually when we don't have it and I always feel so rejuvinated!

Thanks for loving and supporting me! I'm so deep in the work and I've never felt better in my life!

Tengan la mejor semana de sus vidas!

Con amor, 
hermana Nielsen

Ponderize: Ether12:4,9

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