Monday, September 12, 2016

Que Fubeca

Hahahahaahaha whaaaaaa we just got our transfers! I am going to a place called Ettienne!!! My new comp is Hermana Ardilla!! She is from Colombia I think??

I am still an hermana leader hahahahahaha I thought I wasn´t going to be and I was way pumped to relax my last 2 transfers buuuttttt......we´re here to do the will of the Lord, right?? I can´t believe it though!

I have been in San Lorenzo for 6 months now and it feels like my home! I am probs going to cry a lot tonight. But we´re on to a new adventure! I have loved this area so much! The members here are incredible and I have seen so many miracles in this place.

This week has been way crazy with divisions and stuff but this weekend was SO AWESOME!!! So much spiritual feeding!

Elder Mark Bragg came on Saturday, he is an area 70, and we had a meeting with just the hna leaders and the zone leaders and it was so cool! He just talked to us about the mission and our calling and the authority we have. It was so cool and so much fun! He asked where we were all from and when I said Spanish Fork he was like, "do yu know the Youd family?" I was like jajajaja yeah one of them was my teacher in High school jajaja and he and I bonded for a moment! Idk how they know each other but if you see the Youd family tell them that I met Mark Bragg and he knows them jajajaja. 

Then Saturday night and Sunday morning we had stake conference and another area 70 came. Elder Krasnoselsky! He was sooooo cool and just talked so much about members and missionaries working together.

The temple prez and his wife talked too and his wife said that one time she was reading her liahona and felt like she should give it to a lady and her daughter that passed by her house selling fruit. A few years later they came back to her house and told her that they had gotten baptized and everything!!! It was so cool.

Sharing the gospel doesn't have to be scary or hard and it has eternal results. Share it with everybody!!!

I'm so excited for this new adventure that I'll have! I'm holding on to every last second that I have!!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Ponderize: Mosiah 24: 13-15

Love, Hermana Nielsen 

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