Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Things Just Keep Getting Better

Hahahaha this has been the weirdest week of my mission! So Tuesday morning I left San Lorenzo...SO WEIRD. And a way cool member Hno. Suarez brought me here with some Elders that were going home. We just pulled up and there were like 8 Hermanas standing outside and I was like "Oh no" jajaja. But there were just some leaving and some had to stay with us because they were waiting for their companions and all that jazz...BUT here in our area we live with another companionship and it is so fun jajajaja!!!

We have a way chuchi apartment and I keep feeling like I am on vacation in St. George or something idk.  My companion is Hermana Ardila from Colombia and she´s like 5 feet tall and super sassy and so much fun!

But when I got here she had lost her voice and couldn´t talk. She got worse in the week so I was like yeah we gotta go to the doctor. She has bronchitis so we´ve been in the house for a couple of days. It´s been a little hard because I am so excited to get to know my new area and work a ton and I literally can´t sit still anymore!

But the other companionship that lives with us are having troubles too jaja Hermana Sosa (from Mexico) did something cray cray to her leg and hasn´t been able to work fully for like a month. Her and Hermana Sweat (from Heber UT also one of my BFFFFFF´s in the mission!!!!) have only been able to leave for half days so those two would leave for half day and then Hna Sweat would come and get me and we just had so much fun all week! It´s seriously been the funnest week!

The members here are really cool! We live in a way chuchi (fancy?¿) part! The city is called Fernando de la Mora and it´s all just houses and people that own cars!!! We have more than 3 members that have cars it´s crazy!!!

Hermana Ardila and I are Hna Leaders and we are in charge of 6 companionships and they all live like an hour away so it´s going to be real fun doing divisions.....but I am excited! I wasn´t expecting my last few months to be like this but it´s going to be good!

We had leadership council with President Wilson and the Zone leaders last week and it was really good. Our mission is focusing a ton on Preach My Gospel and I love it so much!

We also had a meeting with President and Hermana Wilson afterwards with just the Hna Leaders and they were all asking me questions because they are all brand new at this and I was just a real nervous mess. And all the Hermana Leaders are Latinas now except me so I was just trying to speak in spanish and not be nervous and act like I knew what I was doing jajaja it´s so funny being a gringo here! But I´m enjoying my time here a ton!

I´m way happy and I thought living with 4 of us was going to be a straight disaster but it´s been really fun and there´s a lot of potential for miracles! The heat is coming back and I weirdly like it (I think it´s because that´s what feeling like a missionary in Paraguay is). But that´s about it for the week!

Ponderize: Alma 8:14-15

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen

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