Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Life is Goooood

Hey we have the John Deer factory store thing in our area. I saw it last week and it made me SO EXCITED! I can´t believe it.

Hermana Sweat and I were walking the other night and we walked past some punk teenage kids and they threw something and it hit a tree and then they threw some fruit or a rock at me I don´t know which and it hit me in the back hahahaha we just turned around and then kept walking hahaha it was so funny! That was probably the most interesting thing that has happened this week!

I am getting used to our area, it just blows my mind every day. It is so city and there´s literally no dirt roads or creepy food so I feel like it´s just a dream or something! Idk.

But we are in charge of 6 companionships of hermanas and all their areas are city and it´s way weird to go visit them, but I love it! Our apartment is really nice and we have 2 SHOWERS!!!! So it´s real nice here.

I keep wearing my hair down and I just let it air dry curly and now I’ve gotten the nickname Shakira jajaja that´s what Hermana Ardila calls me....we are having a ton of fun every day! There´s never a dull moment with 4 of us living together! I really like it!

Hna Ardila is so cool! We have the same time in the mission so we go home más o menos together, she´s just going to stop in Colombia jajaja. We´re just working hard and trying to find miracles.

Our ward is kinda lazy so we´re trying to help with that. There are a lot of challenges here and I like it. I don´t like to be bored anymore and there´s always work to do! I feel really blessed to be here and a lot of pressure, too. It´s really fun trying to balance everything and just always having something to solve or someone to help!

We´re pumped out of our minds to watch General Conference this week, I have been waiting for this since April jajaja I´ve got a lot of questions for el Señor that I need answers too and I know that conference is going to answer them! I hope you guys do the same, it´s the best weekend to receive revelation!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Ponderize: Alma 32:27

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

My first night here, Hna Sweat and I came out in the same outfits jajajaja

Zone Training...we taught Obedience yahoooo

Hnas Sweat, Guevarra, Ackerman,y yo

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