Monday, October 3, 2016


I don´t even remember what I did this week just general conference because it was sooooooogooooooooood.

We went to our stake center like 15 minutes away (in taxi jajaja) and watched all of it! Both days. They had it in English again in another room so Hna Sweat and I  watched it with a bunch of elders because it´s wayyyyy better when you can hear their voices instead of a voice over.

Every talk helped me a ton but I loved Elder Renlund´s talk. The best for last. It really touched me. And all the talks about knowing the doctrine of the gospel. My whole testimony on faith, repentance, baptism/sacrament, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end has been strengthened so much. I don´t even know how to talk about them in English anymore but they are my favorite things.

We as members have to know the doctrine of the church not just to teach and share it with other people but to be able to understand and apply it to our own lives. The basic doctrines and principles are what will save us!

Being a missionary is the best thing ever because the more I study and share these things with other people, the more I understand. I didn´t think the mission was going to be as personal as it has been for me. I thought it was going to be all about other people and helping them, and it has been. But I have changed and grown so much. The Lord has put me with people and in situations that have stretched me and helped me to grow and while focusing on other people I have been able to change.

I was thinking a lot about conference last night and the impact it has had on me thus far and Heavenly Father has shown me how much I have grown and what the gospel has been able to do for ME. I´m really humbled a grateful.

I feel like another big theme was Joy and that if we are going through hard things, it´s okay. With Jesus Christ we are able to have joy even in the hardest times and that is so incredible. I love Conference so much. I´m so pupmed to download it all today. Have a great week!

Ponderize: Just go watch your fav conference talk again.

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

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