Monday, October 17, 2016

16 meses HOY

Hey friends! I´m sorry....the more time I have in the mission the less I feel like writing jajaja I´ll just fill you all in on the details when I get home jaja.

This week has been good though! The heat has come back and it´s awful! But it´s kinda fun being sweaty all day even if you are just sitting and not doing anything, because you look like you´ve actually been doing a lot in the day jaja.

We´ve just been trying to help a lot of hermanas and strengthen our ward. And leave our area really strong this last week of the transfer. Yeah, today we start week 6 which means that I will be starting my last transfer next week....aggghhhhh. It´s all good though.

We just made a calendar of all the things we will be doing for the last 6 weeks with our area, hermanas, and the mission and we literally have something every day so there´s no time for boredom!

We are looking a ton for people that will accept the gospel, we´ve found some miracles but they have a lot of doubts so we´re just doing our best to help them be in an environment where the spirit can testify to them of the restored gospel. It´s the funnest thing I´ve ever done in my life! Hardest and most stressful but by far the funnest! 

Sorry idk what else to write, we´re doing good here and we´re happy so I guess we´ll see ya next week jaja

Love, Hermana Nielsen

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