Sunday, November 6, 2016

Happy Halloween

This week has been so great! I love my new comp so much! We get along really well and she is the sweetest, cutest missionary!

Transfers were really crazy because we had to help the 3 hermanas that left our house and get the 3 new ones. But after a lot of taxis and colectivo rides, we are good! We live with two other Hermanas, Hermana Basile from Argentina and she is training a brand new missionary from Manti. Hermana Cluff. We all get along great and we are having a lot of fun! The Argentines are trying to change my accent though and idk how to feel about that....

We wear pants now!!! Jajaja it´s weird and fun. But it rained a lot this week so it was nice to put my rain boots on with some pants!

We had to go help an hermana this week that has chicken pox jajajaja. Her and her companion didn´t have enough food to last them through the week because they didn´t plan for chicken pox so we had to go to their area about an hour away and help them buy groceries jajaja it´s an adventure being an hna leader sometimes.

Well to be honest this week was really stressful, I am stressed and happy for a lot of reasons but it´s a good stress I think¿ We had our leadership council for the transfer and a lot of things were changed and it´s been hard to try it out because I have been so used to doing things differently for my whole mission. I´m trying to have a good attitude and make the changes as best as I can because I know that they come from the Lord and they are what will make the mission better...I guess it´s just hard to teach an old dog new tricks?? But nothing is impossible!!! I´m really happy and enjoying everything that´s going on here! The weather 
has been pretty chill and that is such a blessing! We aren´t dying of heat...yet. 

I have felt a lot of the Lord´s love and guidance this week while it´s been stressful and hard and I found myself really grateful on my knees last night. It´s the best feeling knowing that we have a Savior that loves us and will take care of us especially when we turn to Him and do His will. If we let that happen in our lives, we will be blessed far more than we could have ever imagined. It´s been the best learning experience here in Paraguay.

Have a great week! 

Ponderize: D&C 88:41 Randomely opened to this scripture and it helped me a ton!

Love, Hermana Nielsen


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