Monday, October 19, 2015


Wooowwww this week has been so wonderful!! Every week is filled with a million things, I wish I could share them all!!! I am just going to share a few highlights from this week :)

-Today we went to the mission office in Asuncion to do immigrations and driving around the city in a taxi was suuuper fun! It's so weird being in the city area, but I love it! We also got to talk to President Wilson and his wife for a minute and that is always a treat!

-Hermana Porter and I had been planning an activity for our ward and the other ward that meets in our building. There are Elders in both wards with us and the helped a ton! Activities are sometimes not the greatest success but we filmed a video of the members saying I am a Child of God in English for the past few weeks and a member helped us put them all together to show and we planned soooo much.....the activity was a HUGE success!!!! We had more the 15 investigators there and they were all families and it was so incredible!!! It's one of those moments where you can see all of your hard work and efforts really paying off! We played some minute to win it games and had the Elders cook foods from their countries. We ate food from the United States, Honduras, Peru, and Bolivia, it was so fun! I love my area so much!

-This week I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish!! My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much and I know that reading it in Spanish really helped me with learning Spanish. I'm so much better than when I started mentally and spiritually, The Book of Mormon is the word of God, READ IT!!!

-We taught Hermana Irene this week, she is a member but has been less active and has been wanting some visits from the members so you know the missionaries were all about that! She speaks mostly Guarani and has 17 children hahaha I think she's the greatest person I know in Paraguay. She's just like my Grandma Emma in some ways and I have been able to love her so deeply, so quickly. She also scratched my back all the way through Relief Society so that's another reason to love her I guess! She's just really special to me and I'm forever grateful to know her!

This week I have been blessed with so much comfort and peace in knowing that no matter what happens in the future, I will be okay. When we stay close to Jesus Christ we don't need to worry about the future. All we need to do is prepare now and trust in His will. I've never been more happy to be doing something in my life.

Ponderize this week! Matthew 4:19

Love, Hermana Nielsen

Our activity SO COOL!!!

A Family that we're teaching right now...they're super awesome and super prepared to accept the gospel!!

The daughters in the Recalde Family...they are my sisters in Paraguay! 

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