Monday, October 12, 2015

Las Familias pueden ser Eternas!

This week the weather has been suuuuper cold! It's so weird! The weather here feels just like fall and it is so fun because I feel like I am at home!!! I want to drink hot chocolate a bundle up every day! But I know that the weather is going to change soon! Everybody talks about December here like it's the scariest thing ever, I am scared!!! It gets super-hot and humid but if that's the worst that can happen then BRING IT!! 

We have just spent the week teaching a lot and finding new investigators! We had divisions and the Hermana leaders came to our house for a day! Hermana Ball stayed in Reducto with me and I was SO SCARED!!!! I didn't think that my Spanish would be sufficient and that I wouldn't know the area well enough but I surprised myself and with the Lord's help, we made it!

We have transfers next week and Hermana Porter is probably going to leave :( I was really scared to have to lead the area but I am working on exercising my faith muscle and trusting in the Lord!

Yesterday I had a really spiritual day. Every day in the mission is spiritual but yesterday I was thinking a lot about my family! We taught our Gospel Principles class about how families can be eternal (hence the title). Then during my personal study I was thinking a lot about my family and studying about them. My family has always been important to me and my testimony of eternal families has grown a lot in the past 4 months (can you believe it's already been 4?!!?!). Our families are the most important thing we have in this life and when we center our families on Christ they are a million times happier. But I realized that it starts with us. We have to center ourselves on Christ in order to help our families and I am working so hard on that! It's such a blessing to be learning so many lessons in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful for my eternal family and the blessing they are to me!! 

Life is incredible here in Reducto! Every single night I go to bed so happy. I have never experienced a joy quite like this.

Ponderize Scripture! D&C 88:119

Love, Hermana Nielsen!

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