Monday, January 18, 2016

Adios y Bien venida!

What a week! So crazy! Here´s what´s been happening:

*We got Hermana Austin ready and sent home on Wednesday! It´s still so weird to me that she´s in Utah with the snow and everything! We packed all of her stuff up on Wednesday night and while she was packing I was cleaning....I was in the kitchen and I saw a cockroach on the counter so I sprayed it with some bug killer and it ran into a crack behind our sink and so I sprayed a little in there......about 5 minutes later about 10 cockroaches came out and so I killed them all and sprayed some more in this crack...after like 30 minutes I had killed like 40 cockroaches hahahahaha #blessed It was an interesting night. 

*On Tuesday we found out the transfers. We knew that Hna Austin was leaving but we didn´t know for sure what would happen to me. They also changed the way transfers are for all missionaries and when you are leaving your area you have to travel alone hahahahah WHAT?!?! I was waiting for them to say April Fool´s but they never did....luckily Hna Austin and I got to travel together to the offices because I´m training!!! Crazzzzyyyyyy!!!! 

*My new comp is Hermana Ovejero! She´s from Cordoba, Argentina and she is a dream!!! I seriously love her so much! She´s really skinny (like literally skin and bones) but she eats more than me!!! She served a mini mission in Argentina and already knows how to do mostly everything but she´s just fresh from the MTC and is so excited to work! I am so so so so so so so happy!! I was really nervous at first and felt really inadequate but the Lord had literally helped me know what to do and how to do it in every moment, I feel really blessed! 

Here´s a funny story, we were teaching a less active named Emilia and we were talking about how hot it is and I told her that I want to cut my hair because it´s really hot and she was like "Really?!?!   When are you going to cut your hair??" I was like "I´m not sure if I´m really going to cut it, why?" She told me that if I cut my hair she wants to keep it hahahahahahah people here love my hair so much and it´s kind of scary. Don´t worry, I won´t give her my hair. 

Mango season is winding down which makes me really sad because the mangoes here are huge and soooo delicious! They are the cherry on top of missionary work in Paraguay! 

It´s been a really crazy week but I think I am the happiest right now than I have been in my whole mission/life. I´ve been able to really focus on the work here and the more I do, the happier I am! 

Have a wonderful week!! 

Ponderize: Alma 26:35 (read this chapter this week and I literally thought I was going to die of happiness)

Love, Hermana Nielsen 

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