Monday, January 25, 2016

Here´s some solid highlights of this past week:
My favorite lotion is SPF 100.
My favorite perfume is Off bugspray.

We got lost in the jungle this week but I just pretended like I knew what I was doing jajajajaja
Everybody here takes the siesta very seriously, especially during the summer. Like everybody is napping from 1-4 EVERY DAY. It's pretty annoying and really hot. So this week my comp and I contacted a cow because nobody else would listen to us. 

There was a lizard in our shower this week and it couldn't get out and I was too lazy to care but there was a cockroach in the shower too....I didn't know about the cockroach. So I started to wash my hair and I felt something CRAWLING ON MY FOOT AND IT WAS A FLIPPIN COCKROACH. He's definitely in the spirit world right now and I've made a pact to not shower anymore.

This week a guy that has a food stand by our house stopped us and asked why we didn't eat there anymore, I think the hermanas before us did and so we told him we'd stop by on saturdaynight. He asked about the Book of Mormon so obviously we gave him one! We passed by on Saturday night and ate some goooood Lomitos and he was working so we didn't get a lot of time to talk but he was like "Hey Hermana's I'm sorry but I didn't have time to read a lot in that book this week, I only read 5 pages but it was really good." UM 5 PAGES?!?!?! Sadly, that's more than some converts have read!!! We left him with some more to read and he is such a homie! I'm so pumped to keep passing by and teaching him! He's really interested and has a family so #MIRACLE!!!

My companion and I are doing SO GOOD!!! She's incredible! We seriously clicked so fast and I already love her so so so much! And I'm starting to catch on to her Argentine accent! She is 20 years old and she joined the church when she was 14. She served a mini mission for 1 transfer in Argentina so she really knows pretty much everything, I feel like she is training me! We have so much fun every day and I think she thinks I'm crazy but I love it! I'm seriously so happy! We are so busy all the time and I love it!

This week we were walking outside while it was really really hot and I was a little tired and you get the bag felt really heavy and I was like "Heavenly Father, my bag feels really heavy today, please help me to be able to carry it." The response I got back was "If you want your bag to be lighter, give away a Book of Mormon." I took that answer so simple and so profound. It really taught me alot. If we want to lighten our load, SERVE OTHERS!!!! There's your spiritual boom for the week! Love you guys! Hasta luego!
Ponderize: D&C 121:7-8
Hermana Nielsen 

Making popcorn in the church for Noche de Rama!

Being outside all day in 100 degrees is getting to me

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