Monday, April 18, 2016

El Buen Pastor nos llama!

Haha well I´m lame and I forgot my planner and all of my plans of what I was going to write you guys so......patience please.

This week flew by so fast. I feel like all the sudden I´m just going a million miles an hour and it´s so crazy and fun and hot and I love it!

Wednesday-Saturday morning we are traveling to different areas and stuff and doing splits? divisions? I don´t knkow which word to use. And so by the time we get back home on Saturday we are wayyyyyyyyyyy tired.

And this last Saturday was SO HOT. Every day here is hot but Saturday was infierno. So we finished our studies and we were going to leave and I was just a liiiiitle bit grumpy...jajaja I know you have all seen me grumpy so you know how I was.....and we left and we walked for like 30 seconds and I was like I´m sick of this. I´m a missionary, I don´t have time to be grumpy! So I literally forced myself to smile. It made me mad at first but I was seriously just walking with the biggest smile ever on my face and then it made me laugh and then I started walking faster and then I wanted to skip! Hahahaha it changed my whole attitude about the day it ended up being a really incredible day! So my advice from this is to smile when you´re not happy and find a way to laugh because life is dumb when we´re not happy! 

Right now we´re trying really hard to find new investigators and people to teach and it´s so much fun, seriously I can´t tell you guys how happy I am to be here! I look forward to coming home so tired and just letting my head hit the pillow and feeling so satisfied from a hard day’s work. I´m really happy I´m a missionary! I´m changing so much and I have such a clearer perspective on life, at least here in Paraguay....I don´t know about the U.S. but I´m happy because I get to talk about Jesus alllllllll day every day and who doesn´t want to do that?!?!

I love you guys! Have a fun week! 

Ponderize: Alma 5:38

LOVE, Hermana Nielsen 

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