Monday, August 17, 2015


Ahhhhh today I hit my 2 month mark! Can you believe that?? Time is seriously flying! This week was super crazy...long story short- one day we were walking down the road and a man was standing in a pit yelling at us in Guarani...hahaha the people here are so great! They are crazy but I love it.

I got sick this week with a really bad cold I think..I took lots of DayQuil and ibuprofen and I'm pretty much better today #blessed. I woke up on Friday night and legit thought that I was dead but hadn't made it to spirit paradise yet because I couldn't breathe through my mouth or nose...I am better now though and don't ever want to slow down!

I keep getting questions about Paraguay so I'll try and answer them and hope that whatever I write makes sense...Right now we are in a cyber, it's a little store where you can go to use the computers and it cost like a dollar an hour...everything here is super super cheap. My area is a dream!!

Parts of it are exactly what you would think South America would be but we also have some city parts so we can buy pretty much anything we need and still feel a little bit civilized. I think we are like an hour away from the mission home but we don't have to go there hardly ever, so that's really nice.

There are dogs EVERYWHERE. Sometimes the follow us around and right now they're pretty much the only living things I can talk to so I like the dogs. The people here are really loving and kind! We have lunch with members almost every single day and the food is great! Sometimes a little sketch but an eggshell or two won't hurt, right?

We had some miracles happen yesterday...One of our investigators CAME TO CHURCH and he can get baptized next week! His name is David and he's so great!

We also have another investigator Blanca that is so awesome! She talks our ear off so much but she has been really prepared to hear the gospel. She just brought her family to church last week and wants to hear from us all the time! I love it so much! We have people to teach every single day and we are trying really hard to help the inactive members here in Reducto come back to church and remember why they started coming in the first place.

I really love missionary work! Teaching the basic doctrines of the gospel every day has really helped me to understand what is most important in life and in the church. The fact that we know that Jesus Christ lives and that we can be saved is the most glorious message ever. Don't ever forget the simple truths that are so powerful. 

I love you all so much! 

Love, Hermana Nielsen :)

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