Monday, August 31, 2015


Well, this week was fantastic!`DAVID GOT BAPTIZED!!!!`We went and visited him last night and he is so so happy! All of his family is inactive and they all want to come back to church now, it´s so awesome! I don´t think I have told you about him...he´s 10 years old and lives with his grandparents. They aren´t active but they were cool with him getting baptized; it just took the grandma a couple of months to come around. We worked with them a lot this past month and he´s now a member of the church! `He´s very intelligent and can remember EVERYTHING that we tell him! It´s great!

And our miracle from last week is named Ino! He is totally ready to get baptized, we have to tèach him about the law of chàstity tonight because him and his girlfriend live together #yay`but he´s really excited and ready to get baptized.

`This week we also ha`d a conferencia en Asuncion! President Gonzales taught us along with his wife. He´s the presìdent of the South America South area for the of the area 70´s and he is so great! `They talked à lot about The Sabbath Day and keeping it holy.

We also had Stake Conference yesterday but it was broadcast to Paraguay, Uruguay`and Argentina. Elder Oaks, Èlder Hales, Sister Marriot from the general young womens presidency, President Gonzales and another man (I cannot remember his name to save my life)`spoke to us and it was `so fun! It was all in Spanish so I couldn´t understand èverything but I got most of what they were saying and they all talked about DÍA DE REPOSO`aka SABBATH DAY. `They are seriously cracking down on that here. Sister Marriot talked about how the Sabbath Day isn´t a list of things you can`´t do, she said when you are doing all of thè things that you need to do and making it a day set aside for the Lord`, you will `not even have to worry about the things you shouldn´t do. I really liked that! 

Sunday´s as a missionary are super different because we still go out and teach all day ànd don´t have time to take a siesta (ps the siesta is real`here.)`or do whatever we want but I love it! We are putting all of our time and efforts into building the Lord´s ki`ngdom on Sunday´s and it´s really spècial! Don´t worry about what you "can´t" do on Sunday´s`, do what you need to do to make it a day centered on the Lord.

Èverything here is going really great! We´re working really hard and seeing lots of miracles!`Paraguay is literally the best place in the world!!! Love you all!`

Àlso, sorry for all the accent marks, I´m not turning into a crazy Spanish `person, my keyboard is just wacko...

`Love, Hermana Nielsen 

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