Monday, August 24, 2015


Well, this week has been full of miracles!! The craziest thing happened to us this week...we were walking down the road going to teach one of our investigators and we heard someone behind us yelling "Hermanas!" We always hear that, especially from the little kids so we turned around and nobody was there. We started walking forward again and both stopped at the same time and knew that we needed to turn back. I told my companion that I thought somebody needed help or something. We tried clapping at a couple houses that we thought it might be coming from but nobody was home. We felt prompted to turn down another street and clap at a house of a less active family. They have the cutest little boy that is always yelling at us so we thought it might be him. We clapped and he came outside but it wasn't him yelling at us so we decided to leave. Right as we were walking away, the daughter came out who is 20 and lives down the street with her boyfriend. She started talking to us and told us that her boyfriend wants to get baptized and has been waiting for someone to come teach him....WHAT!!! It was so crazy. We were able to teach him on Saturday night and he told us how he wants to change his life. He and his girlfriend were both crying and the spirit was so strong!

We have had so many incredible lessons like that this week! Paraguay is so awesome and the people here are so great! We have been very blessed in this area and I am learning so much.

My companion and I have been talking à lot about the examples of Lehi's family in the Book of Mormon and their choices. Laman and Lemuel saw so many miracles but forgot about them so many times, we all see miracles every day, I think we just forget about them a lot.

Never forget about the miracle of the gospel and how much the Lord has blessed all of us. I love you all! Thank you so much for your emails!

Love, Hermana Nielsen

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