Monday, March 7, 2016

Libro de Mormón

Seriously I am so sorry if my letters bore you all to tears....I am trying to be better at remembering and writing good stuff!

This week some interesting things happened:

We had to go to Asuncion so my companion could do migrations and stuff and so she went with another girl from her group and I left with her companion, Hermana Ball to do proselyting. I TALKED IN ENGLISH AND IT WAS AWKWARD!!!! Do you know how happy that makes me?!?!

Hermana Ball is one of my best friends in the mission and we were talking and she was like "You're English is so good right now" Jajajajaja I was trying to talk normal but it's so weird. I didn't realize but I hadn't spoken in English since the middle of January! I love Spanish and sometimes I hate it at the same time because it's hard but I am really grateful to be learning a new language!

We had our interviews with our Mission President this week and they were so good! He gave me so much advice and comfort with our area. He really understands missionary work and that it's not about numbers, it's about people. I really appreciated that so much. He told me that he knows we're working hard and he understands our area really well. It just felt like the Lord was really talking to me and telling me that He's knows me and He's happy with me. :)

We're seeing a lot of progression in a less active family that we are working with! Familia Patiño!! They have goals to go to the temple in April and little miracles are happening! The mom said that in church last Sunday she felt like she should start dressing more modestly (which is real hard to do in Paraguay). She came to church the next week with a way modest dress and she just looked so much better and like a mom, it was so cool to see the Spirit working with her in little ways that are preparing their family to go to the temple! 

This week I finish the Book of Mormon and I've never had a better experience reading The Book of Mormon than in this go around. I received revelation And on hard days so many words of comfort and peace popped out to me. I hope that you're all readin the Book of Mormon every day, it is what will save us spiritually. #TeamBookofMormon!!!

I love you all! Again, I'm really sorry if this is boring...............

Ponderize: Moroni 10:3-5

Love, Hermana Nielsen

Here's a pic of me and my comp on our way to email today jajaja

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