Monday, February 29, 2016


This week was awesome! We had an area transition and Elder Bednar spoke to us! Wooowwwwww. I learned so much through the Spirit. Mostly I learned that God loves me so much and He is guiding and watching our area.

We have really been struggling to get investigators to church and so nobody has been progressing and that has been hard. But Elder Bednar talked about patience with the Lord´s timing. This is the Lord's work, not ours and we have to work as hard as we can but not get discouraged with what's happening. Seguir adelante con ánimo!

My companion is really helping with that! The moment she got here she's brought such a strong light into my life. I really love and appreciate her. She's so patient with me and my weaknesses and just happily helps and reminds me of the beauty of our calling, I love our companionship so much! 

Speaking of weaknesses, today I was studying about them in personal study and I realized that whenever I have a weakness all I want God to do is help me take it away but Helloooo Hermana Nielsen, Ether 12:27, might as well make that weakness a strength, right?! Just keep that in mind. God is here to take us from what we are and make us stronger, better people through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And the way we can do that is personal, daily prayer, scripture study (especially the Book of Mormon) and church attendance every Sunday. My testimony on those 3 things has gotten so much stronger!

We got a whole new district this last week and it's so fun because the Elders think we know stuff and they call us and ask us questions and it's cool to be able to help the elders out jajaja also our new District leader has a quote that he always says:

"This isn't a competition but we have to win!"

So true! All we're trying to do is help each other have eternal life, right?

Anyways, sorry if this is boring you all to death. Just hope you know that I love my mission, even the hardest parts. I am becoming a better person and it's cool to watch myself grow! (I promise I'm not bragging right now hahahahaha)

I hope you're all ready for General Conference in a month!

Happy Leap Day!

Ponderize: Ether 12:27!!

Love, Hermana Nielsen

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